Ronald McDonald's House Charities - Korea

RMHC (Ronald McDonald’s House Charities) is a charity organization run by McDonald’s, providing housing to families of ill children in need. There are some ~300 houses around the world, and Korea’s first RMHC is being built right now, near Busan, S. Korea.

Rendering of the house currently under construction

Rendering of the house currently under construction


For this new house, I was asked to create a projection-mapped donor wall, incorporating Korean elements into the modern design of the house. I decided to use animated Minwha (traditional Korean illustrations) on handmade ceramic plates, to bring two crafts that really shine in Korean art.

Here’s a little snippet of the content ->

The building interior is still under construction, and therefore the artwork cannot be revealed yet in its full environment.


Here’s a bit of the installation process, behind-the-scenes: