"Backstage" at the Park Avenue Armory gala

So much happened in 2018 in my life that I hadn’t updated since Jan. 7 this year.

But to jump right into current events, this is the most recent job I did, and one very different from what I usually do. I mostly work with installations or video pieces, and rarely in a live event setting. But I wanted more experience and exposure in that area, so I took up a gig assisting the Artifice NYC team building the video content for the Park Avenue Armory gala.

The programmer, Associate Designer and TD during tech

The programmer, Associate Designer and TD during tech

The video team was co-designers Katy Tucker and Brad Peterson, and associate designer Lisa Renkel. I served as the assistant designer, being on site throughout tech, assisting any content creation, revision and rendering. It was a strange shift going from mostly being my own boss or directing or working directly with clients to being an assistant in a team. An intriguing experience for sure, to witness how the world of live events go down. Revisions happened down to the last minute before house opened.

The contents were a mix of abstract, artistic video contents to glorified presentation slides and sizzle reel videos. And also the use of IMAG. In the end, all things went smoothly and lasted all too short compared to the enormous hours poured in. Such is a live event.

Programming done on Watchout