It's about to get a little sentimental. But only because of how real this is. From this conference and a series of other interactions and experiences lately, I cannot help but feel incredibly fortunate. And it's on many many levels. I won't list all, but here's the most significant one: that I can aspire. I'm learning that this possibility alone is an immense blessing. That I am young enough that I can dream about far enough future and what I want to do and what I want to learn.. That I live in a time when technology is shifting immensely and I happen to be working all around that. That I live in a place where those things and speakers and events and cool stuff is all accessible. That I have a job that lets me make a living out of my creative tools. That my bosses are cool and let me (or sometimes help me) do my personal projects with work resources. That I'm educated enough to think about these things. That I'm ignorant enough to jump headlong into projects without fully knowing what I'm doing.